Sponsor Opportunities



APPA 2019 Hall of Resources is the place you want to be as a firm that supports the facilities profession. Network with professionals from around the globe and share with them your expertise. We recognize the unique value you provide to our annual conference and our exposition is where we help you shine!

Ambassador Program – Your Chance to Give Back
Back for APPA 2019 is our Ambassador Program. Designed in partnership with the Strategic Business Partner community, your support will be directly provided to individuals who have requested funding assistance to attend based on an award type criteria. This program has been designed to assist the many institutional members who have been greatly impacted by the recent economic downturn and your support will help stimulate their ability to attend the one program this year they do not want to miss. Make your mark and support this effort!

Sponsorship Information
Interested in sponsoring? Our sponsorship offerings are bundled within our booth package pricing. However, if you are looking to sponsor to support APPA 2019 without the purchase of a booth package, please contact Suzanne Healy, director of professional development for personal assistance in creating a special package.