Preparing for Every Future

Preparing for Every Future: Leading Your Facilities Organization through an Age of Transformational Change
July 14, 2019
$395 Members / $595 Nonmember

Higher Education facilities organizations are facing changes and challenges at a pace unlike those experienced in previous generations. Entrenched and established views in the profession are being overturned by accelerating changes in funding models, technology advances, shifting workforce demographics, and strategic stewardship and master planning. This workshop will prepare facilities professional to effectively lead their facilities management organizations in this age of accelerations. During this day-long workshop, we will further explore these evolving subject matter areas: 

· Thriving in an age of accelerations to understand how campus facilities portfolios are being impacted and driven in a transformative way; 
· Strategically communicating “why” we do what we do to enhance our role and improve the overall facilities management value proposition; 
· Understanding the impact of the Internet of Things and other exponential changes in technology are having on the facilities management profession; 
· Shifting our focus for facilities stewardship towards an annual asset reinvestment and modernization strategy; 
· Evolving organizational challenges and opportunities brought on by shifting workforce demographics; 
· The growing importance and demand for soft skills to meet the demands of an increasingly technological world; 
· Moving from succession planning to succession management and preparation strategies by preparing facilities managers for multiple roles in an every-changing environment; 
· Leveraging smart building systems technologies through exploding building sensing capabilities and Big Data/ predictive analytics tools. 

The workshop will explore these and the many other driving forces that has shaped APPA’s Strategic Plan’s vision of “ preparing for every future.” The Strategic Plan’s framework is building APPA into a more robust provider of continuous learning content in order to meet the evolving skills development demands of its members. Attendees in this highly interactive session will identify and discuss their views of the future and the corresponding changes that need to be embraced in order to thrive in this Age of Accelerations.

Don Guckert, Associate Vice President, Director Facilities Management, University of Iowa & APPA Fellow and APPA President; Lander Medlin, Executive Vice President, APPA