Military Transition Workshop – Offered in Partnership with SAME (Society of American Military Engineers)

Military Transition Workshop – Offered in Partnership with SAME (Society of American Military Engineers)
Tuesday, July 16          
1:15pm – 4:45pm     
FEE: Complimentary to Active Military     

APPA’s Military Transition Workshop will connect transitioning military with former military personnel with successful careers in educational facilities. The workshop is designed for the full spectrum of military engineering and facility professionals to share their career stories, identify opportunities, and answer transitioning military questions on the many rewarding career paths available.  Table discussion organized in geographical areas will provide opportunities for military and educational facilities colleagues to interact in the regions the military want to transition to.

Questions like these will be answered during this session: 
– Where do I find jobs? 
– When should I start applying? 
– Can you help me understand Educational Facilities? 
     For example: 
          – What are typical organizational structures for educational facilities? 
          – What is a CFO and other translations? 
          – What are some of the similarities and differences between educational facilities and the military?
– What can I expect to experience during my job search?
– How do I tell my story and share my experience so that I am understood?
– Is there a way for me to connect to former military personnel for help?

Session facilitators will explore the following: 
– Understanding the business of higher education, and the “institutional mission” of colleges and universities;
– Learning the critical role and mission of educational facilities professionals in supporting student learning, research, and meeting the objectives and goals of colleges and universities;
– Hearing successful ex-military personnel share their journey from serving their country to serving the mission of education;
– Gain from networking opportunities and learn about openings in the educational facilities field, and available career search resources, and more.


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